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We will soon be moving to a different adress, when we move completely, we'll let you know


My site contains a complete encyclopedia on cheat codes for everybody's favorite blue hedgehog.
Any Sonic cheat you want, you'll find it on my site. If you can't find a code here, submit one on the Contact Page.

Check out the Polls section, it's named under Custom Page, get your ideas out there! The Polls section also includes conests sometimes, so keep checking back there.
Check out my other Bionicle site!!!

Contact Page
To submit codes, or to question or compliment my site go to the Contact Page. PLEASE DON'T SEND OTHERS MY E-MAIL TO OTHERS, I DON'T LIKE JUNK-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's New Page
<---- To your left you'll notice the What's New Page. This page includes all the codes on my site. Yes, every Sonic the Hedgehog code you'll ever need.



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